At SUAOKI, you can find a large assortment of solar power products from garden lights, outdoor pathway lighting, to portable solar panel and solar lantern. SUAOKI solar power products are born to be convenient and efficient. If you’re looking for a sustainable and affordable way to light up your backyard or camping trip, have a quick scroll through our collection and tap into the free and unlimited solar energy, starting now.

    Solar power is a vital and inexhaustible source of clean energy
    Our solar products feature compact, flexible and easy-setup design.
    Provide solar energy for your home, yard, camp, motorhome, etc.

    1. The high conversion efficiency for sufficient power at your disposal.

    2. Foldable and lightweight body for easy transportation.

    3. The dual-port or multi-port design supports both USB and DC charging.

    4. Waterproof foldable panels with hanging holes are perfect for outdoor.

    1. A compact solar camping lantern with a collapsible design

    2. The long-lasting battery can be easily recharged through solar power or USB

    3. Three lighting modes offer the perfect light in any occasion

    4. Perfect for traveling, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities